Smart investmentsin the YodaX cryptocurrency

Instant cryptocurrency exchange between blockchains

This technology enables you to instantly exchange any cryptocurrency with minimal fees without intermediaries.

YodaX integration with fiat payment tools

With YodaX cryptobank, you can use debit cards with instant YodaX conversion to any convenient currency and pay with it all over the world.

Providing the P2P, B2P trafing platform performance

A single marketplace to purchase any goods from individuals and legal entities for cryptocurrency.

The platform combines all the known cryptocurrencies in one place and implements the full financial potential of cryptocurrencies.

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About YodaX

Financial services for individuals

YodaX cryptocurrency bank creates an internal system of lending, cryptocurrency investment, insurance, and will also allow all its holders to actively participate in the trading activities of the company.


Absolute legality of the company's activity, both in Europe and in the United States


The most profitable investment proposals, interest rates exceed market rates.

Why YodaX

SwiftX YodaX technology


This technology will allow provide almost instant transactions (at least in a second). Thanks to the transaction time provided by SwiftX YodaX,

SwiftX technology will be able to compete with the fastest cryptocurrencies, as well as with credit and bank card transactions.

SwiftX YodaX transactions are independent of the network, as they are isolated from the master node network. This feature is implemented through the master node quorum. When a SwiftX transaction is offered, inputs of such a transaction are blocked by a random delegated master node which makes them available for spending only through a specific transaction.

Further, ZeroMQ technology (high-performance asynchronous messaging library) almost instantly reaches consensus over the master node network, eliminates the need to wait for confirmations and the risk of double spending.

Technical specification

Block size:
2 MB
Block time:
60 seconds

Refocusing: each block

Key features:

Specialized checkpoint accumulator system;

Right to SwiftX 1 confirmation for blocking and 6 confirmations for spending. The collateral is held for 15 blocks;

The YodaX network is a two-tier network. The network includes the first level — stacking where all YodaX holders can participate in the staking from 100 YodaX, and the second level — the master node.


  • Pre-Sale personal account
  • Launching the blockchain and the first master nodes
  • Windows wallet and Linux wallet
  • Mac OS wallet
  • Block Explorer
  • Livecoin listing
  • Android wallet
  • iOS wallet
  • listing
  • Web wallet
  • Chrome extension
  • listing
  • Marketplace
  • Entering CoinMarketCap
About YodaX token

YodaX will be allocated as follows

Initial issue of 20 million coins, final issue of 20 billion coins.

Initial emission (pre-mining) is necessary to launch the blockchain, ensure decentralization of the system and create the YodaX community.

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  • 8% Bounty program
  • 5% Marketing fund
  • 20% Team fund
  • 7% New technology development fund
  • 60% Open sale

Our team

Группа компаний billions
Сообщество dreamteam

Collective staking

More information is provided in WP (read)

Coins in the wallet
Coin growth per month
from 100 YodaX
(11% of coins in the wallet) = Q + Q*Structure Coef + Q*Time Coef
from 1 000 YodaX
(10% of coins in the wallet) = Q + Q*Structure Coef + Q*Time Coef
from 10 000 YodaX
(9% of coins in the wallet) = Q + Q*Structure Coef + Q*Time Coef
from 100 000 YodaX
(8% of coins in the wallet) = Q + Q*Structure Coef + Q*Time Coef
from 500 000 YodaX
(7% of coins in the wallet) = Q + Q*Structure Coef + Q*Time Coef
from 1000 000 YodaX
(0% of coins in the wallet) = Q + Q*Structure Coef + Q*Time Coef


from 0 days to 7
from 7 days to 30
from 30 days to 90
from 90 days to 180
from 180 days to 365
more than 365
from 0 YODAX
from 10 000 YODAX
from 50 000 YODAX
from 100 000 YODAX
from 500 000 YODAX
from 1 000 000 YODAX
from 10 000 000 YODAX
from 100 000 000 YODAX
from 1 000 000 000 YODAX

Total monthly income:

Balance in a month:

Total monthly income:

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